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Location of Exhibition Event

Guangzhou, China


Mirror, wooden box, and light


185 x 244 x 65 cm (the wooden box alone)


In this work, the artist carved 56 different sized/shaped rectangle holes upon wooden boxes measuring (185 x 244 x 65 cm). He then placed the half-hermetic boxes in an illuminated salon, installing a mirror in conjunction (but not in parallel) with it. On a wall of the room the artist also placed a giant mirror with uneven surface which projects distorted reflections. Audiences were invited to view themselves through the image reflected in the mirror; the "images" in question were complicated not only by the distortion lent by the mirror's surface, but also by other mirrors placed in the same room (convoluted, reciprocal reflections), as well as the overlaying visibility/invisibility brought by the contingent holes on the boxes. This artwork asks about the relationship we have with space, especially the interdependence. In the artist's own account: " this work [...] makes audience to infiltrate into the space, the real hooked with the virtual, the external linked with the internal." (FengHuang Art, '杨义飞:列车已经开出去了,还要问它为什么吗? “大尾象”的艺术实践", June 20, 2016, available on http://wap.art.ifeng.com/?app=system&controller=artmobile&action=content&contentid=2941551) (Jerry Wu'23).



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