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Summer 2023


Diamond color centers have intriguing applications in quantum sensing, and their photonic emissions can be more easily read and interpreted with the use of resonators. Traditional methods for fabricating resonators out of dielectrics involves etching deposited dielectric material with halides, which can lead to rough side walls that make for lower-quality resonators. Butcher, et al. developed a technique to deposit dielectric material within templated trenches made of photoresist using a deposition technique known as atomic layer deposition (ALD). This process creates higher quality resonators with smooth side walls, but ALD is a time-intensive process. High density plasma chemical vapor deposition (HDPCVD) offers a quicker alternative to ALD that can also be used to fabricate high quality resonators. A difficulty of HDPCVD is that it is less conformal than ALD and has the tendency to create holes in the center of the deposited material. Cycling between steps of deposition and steps of Ar etching mitigates this. The objective of this project is to design a cycling HDPCVD recipe that improves its conformality.



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