Volume 8, Issue 1 (2022) Ethiopian Objects in the Blick-Harris Study Collection: Art, Context, & the Persistence of Form

Special Issue on the 20th Anniversary of Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art & Architecture

20 years ago Peregrinations was started in 2002 with the idea that it could be more flexible than a traditional, printed scholarly journal and this Special Issue is evidence of that. It is being published as a whole catalog with essays, catalog entries, bibliography, and lots of wonderful color images. Editors Brad Hostetler and Lynn Jones invited scholars to weigh in on thorny issues of collections with objects of weak provenance and why they shouldn't be orphaned, but thoughtfully studied and, where necessary, restitution should be made. The authors also look at the specifics of Ethiopian Christian objects in their religious, cultural, and artistic context. It's a compulsive, fascinating read and it fulfills the early promise of the journal.

Happy 20th anniversary!



Brad Hostetler and Lynn Jones

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