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St. Jerome translation of the Bible; Damage from dirt from frequent use. Still easily legible. The bottom right corner is missing, this is from a defect in the animal's skin, no text is missing, the manuscript has looked like this since it was made. It does suggest that the original patron did not pay a large amount for this book.; Decorative paragraph markings in the commentary of Bede(?).; Font type is referred to by Ege as "Revived Carolingian," while it has Carolingan characters it also has a Gothic influence. The other script also seems to be of this hybrid nature, except for the commentary of Gregory which is significantly different and difficult to determine. It appears less formal and may have been added by an owner of the manuscript.; In addition to the Gospel of John (in the middle) this manuscript provides the commentaries of Bede, Jerome and Gregory. Each commentary is in a different script, Gregory is on bottom, the side commentary is probably Jerome and the marginal commentaries are probably Bede's. However, there is a fifth, more informal handwriting as well, this may have been from one of the owners. Because of the different scripts it may be that each one is from a different time.; Black and brown inks

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Verses 19-25 with commentary from Bede, Jerome and Gregory; Flesh Side

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Verses 13 - 19 with commentary from Bede, Jerome and Gregory; Hair Side


Purchased from Otto F. Ege

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21.5 cm x 15 cm



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Otto F. Ege's "50 Original Leaves from Medieval Manuscripts"

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Early 1100s

New Testament (Gospel of John): Number 1



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