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"Hurrah for the $200,000… McIlvaine excited about this. "Go ahead - put on the steam… Capt. Bedell"; about "mongrel service of Milan"


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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Cinc. Oct. 22, 1863

Dear Bishop-

Yours from Unionville recd last Ev. Hope Wright will got to Unionville &c. The Dr. James [?] called Tracy out + out at 1500, + telegraphed him at once, + wrote (I suppose) besides. Hurra for the $200,000. Go ahead, put on the steam, mind the [?], see well to the boiler that it doesn’t bust, long voyage never winding, some times very low, bottom [?] the ground, there a good rise, on again ship to take in wood, fire up + don’t mind the fog.

Freight increases, dear me. how long the passage. converge patience, the boiler holds well + there is no leak in the steamer, though she has rumbled hard, + he had one or two bad collisions. The night is dark, but we are near the port. Hurra. put out the plank. The voyage is ended. The thing is done. Hurra for Capt. Bedell.

Now for less grand business. When you are at Newark, as I have not written Bower about that mongrel Fast Day Service at Milan + shilling up his own Ch. + denying his people their service + not obeying my appointment nor the President + so marking the day of none effect — as I have not written because I feared I could not without seeming more [administratory?] than I wished to, I [must] you would kindly talk to him about it. You may say I have requested it, if you prefer. I hear well of Gambier. When had the Trustees better meet, for the Professorship decision?

Yours affly


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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