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Accepting resignation and promising pension of $100 for life; See Dr. Tullidge before you leave Gambier


KMcI 631116




letter, McIlvaine, Smith, Tullidge


Cinc. Nov. 16 /63

Rev & dear Sir-

I got home on the 14th + found yours of the 9th. I much regret that the Trustees of the Seminary are not able to [testify] their sense of your valuable [labours] & happy connection with the Seminary for so many years by making you the recipient of a returning parson for the rest of your life. I consider however that the terms of the [?] [Fund?] fully justify me in promising you an amount of $100 therefrom.

You may therefore consider that sum as appropriated; the first year to begin Jan 1. 1864 of course you [continuing] of the Diocese as the fund is only applicable in that way. The money will be paid semi-annually - first half at the end of the first six months. You will write me to remind me when it is done.

I regret that I can not expect to see you before you leave Gambier. Your speedier departure than was expected should be communicated to Mr. [Tullidge]. He might perhaps see you before he comes out. May the love & peace of God be with you, my dear friend + brother, all the rest of your days & then forever.

Give my & Mr. [McShawe’s] affectionate remembrance to Mr. [Dunthe].

Yours very affectionately


Letter to Rev. Smith



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