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In sad mood here on bad state of affairs of Church.


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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, church


One can hear of persons of whom it is worth while to enquire, as well by letter as otherwise, And when we have heard of me who by all we can been is probably the best we can get, he can be [sounded] as well by letter. Hence if you + Mr. [Bancroft Reims Potter]. (I know him only by what I heard when he was invited to Christ Ch.) + if you are persuaded he is the right man, as I dare say he is, then it is best for Mr B. to [sound] him at [once] + I authorise him to do so.

I give a service every Sunday Eve. at Clifton. I can’t see the Ch. [sh?] all the day. I agree about [?] + suppose his reign will end at Easter.

I command the [f?] of your work. You are doing precisely what I don’t [?] class in Seminary - class in College - preaching every Sunday.

I added Lecturey every Wed. night + the [?] of all the Churches. with a diferent [sic] faculty. bankrupt treasury - load of debt in the institution, nor sympathy with me [?] of the College officers, + [writing, worker] all around, at least in the first many feelings. A person must understand my peculiarity of mind + be [p?] to conceive what I [?] in mind, often + often. But out of all the Lord carried me through, + the [?] were good for me. Life is all trial, some how, somewhere, in some direction from me’s self or elsewhere. The [??]

I will thank you to ask Ed[?] to put in my next pep[?] bill. I do not knwo when I paid last for the paper.

You ask about Clerk’s Articles ^ for the paper ^ on the duties of Wardens “had we better p[?] them or stop them”? I do not understand the case.

Yours affectionately


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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