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KC: Wing, building expenses


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letter, McIlvaine, Blake, Kenyon College


Gambier Dec 17, 1856

Rt. Rev + [dear] [?]

I intended to answer your [note] by your [?] [Ohio]. [But] [?] like; he was off yesterday before I thought of his [being] [?]. I paid [Mr. Wright] for finishing the room [Alston] occupies. $100. The College took it off my hands when it was given up for [Mr. A’s] use. You can therefore [settle] that amount with [Dr.] [?]. I have had the floor laid in the [?] leading to his room – the [?] [?] [down] – the door casement put up and the wall plastered, at an expense of $20.00 which has been done for Mr. [Alston’s] comfort and convenience, and should therefore be [mentioned] in the [?] done for his room. This $20 you can pay to me. The rooms in the 3 story–[five] study rooms + four bedrooms, are completed with the exception of hanging the doors and painting, which I thought best to defer until spring. I will present you the bill when all is completed. It will help to show the [?] [?] to finish the remaining six rooms. [Alston’s] room is nicely furnished and looks nearly as [swell] as the others. When in [?] this fall I purchased a [neat] carpet. [Mr. Ringwalt] kindly deducted from the price. I think Mr. [?] if he could use the room would say that Mr. A was on an equal footing with others. He is very worthy and [?] [much] – [?] [meek] [+] [humble] [minded] [christian]. I have a higher [?] for him than for some of the white beneficiaries we have had to deal with. I have not yet seen Mr. [?]’s letter to [you] but I understand it is very [bitter]. I [?] the P[?] has [answered] it. [?] show you how little [?] he had for [?] as to money. I [copy] from my [?] [Book] the [date] + [sums] paid him since May 1855.

A trifle over one and a half years–

May 30 1855 – $10.00

June 14 – 10.00

Aug 1 – 25.00

Oct 15 – 20.00

Nov 3 – 20.00

Dec 19 – 21.54

Jan 23 1856 – 15.00

Feb 1 – 10.00

March 8 – 20.00

April 4th – 25.00

June 18 – 25.00

“ “ – 7.50

Sept 11 – 25.00

Oct 1 – 20.00

Nov 4 – 20.00

Dec 4th 36.55



In addition to this he had his [?] [?]. And yet I hear that he accuses the [?] of great injustice and a [?] to “grind him down to the lowest cent.” Shall we have the pleasure of seeing you in Gambier this winter? We all enjoyed your daughter’s visit exceedingly, and I assure you we shall be very happy to have her [repeat] it as often as she finds it convenient. Present our kind regards to all your family.

Yours affectionately

A. Blake

Letter to C.P. McIlvaine



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