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Suggestions as to parishes Bedell might visit or pass by. Turns St. Paul's and St. James …….? Permenantly to Bedell. Aska him to visit while he is away. "It looks more natural"


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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Cinc. March 16. 1864

Dear Bishop-

Yours of the 12th about my visitations + yours recd today. Your understanding of what I want you to take is correct. I don’t think there is any use in going to [Canton]. As you have so recently been to Wooster, I will not include it, + therefore will thank you to have it omitted in the list sent to the W. Ep- I would leave Boardman + Canfield for the present. Hartsgrove never was anything. Mr. Hart, an Ep. Clergyman of Com., owned large property there & a parish was organized for his agent + it was hoped he would set it up. Stat nominus umbra that’s all there is or ever was of Hartsgrove parish. There is no use in ever going there again. Poor Greenville it has desc[?] well, faithful woman long kept it up. I think I would go there when you are at Piqua or Troy, or Dayton, if it be only to see God Bless you + goodbye. Bellaire has no cell for a Bp. to go to it. I see no need of going to Kelly’s Island till some Presbyter goes there + gets his work started. Such places as Kenton, Bellafontaine &c. where there is so little for a Bishop as such to do, + the only object of his going is to try to keep something above in hopes of a better day. I feel too old to go to + must permanently command them to you.

I think you had better take St. Paul’s & St. James Cinc + I should prefer that you should visit them during my absence as it looks more natural. I shall be on my way East when I am at Mepillon Ap. 24 + as to my return before Convention, I wish to be unconstrained by appointments.

I don’t know what to say about Gambier. Perhaps the best way for a visitation to be expected sometime in the last of May, there if I can, I will go. If not, you can.

Yours affectionately


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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