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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Bp: McIlvaine

Cinc. Dec. 21 / 1859

Jan: 4 1860

Dear Bp-

Happy Christmas to you & your “[Apart]” Bp. - + to all your work. May all be a Christmas to you, till the second coming, + then all Easter, “the Resurrection & the Life,” forever.

I have a letter from [Soaker]. He evidently in his judgment [thinks the call a solemn in me?], while in his heart he [d?]. But I feel pretty sure that if [my] obstacle were removed, he would accept. In Sept. he said to his people that if they would raise $200 for him so to clear the debt he had [necessarily] ? on after + should [?] by staying with them, he would stay till May next. They raised $140. He does not feel that he could go to G. now, honourably wihtout returning that 140. He is a fine fellow, + one whom you would greatly like. He cannot raise that, nor can I with all that I must raise for other [?] objects. I gave him some time ago $270 for his parsonage out of what I could raise but He will not go unless he can do that. I think it of the greatest importance that he should go to G. Can you in any way manage it. The G. people [?] the College can do it. He will not reply to the call before Jan. 4 - will you write him.

I suppose you have a letter from B? about the paper + D? I hope you will see Wharton as soon as possible. If he will not, then I suppose the M? place is the best we can do. But I have little reliance on him. But if it can be under his ? to do all as we like, it will do -

Yours very affly


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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