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letter, McIlvaine, rector, St. John's


Cinc. Dec. 22 1859

Rev. + dear Sir-

I trust you will regard the letter of Mr. [Hayes] Sem. Ward. of St. Johns, Cinc. as really an [?] call to that parish though as yet [unfurnished? unfinished?]. The present absence of some & sickness of others of the [?], he told me yesterday, has prevented a meeting, though every man’s mind is well known. The ? thing will be sent probably in a day or two -- [? ?] I do hope you may be sent to us. It is a fine [field larger?] no man need desire. The people can be made as to a congregation, attachment &c. pretty much what you please. There are no [?] of old high or new high Church [?] to trouble. The Gospel is what is desired. [Nicholson?] was greatly attached + did not want to go but under an impulse he accepted at B[?] then could not back out. Don’t suppose there is any difficulty in following such a preacher. I know all about that, + say with all my heart come. The Lord directs you. The time is specially favorable now in Cinc. because two of the largest Presb. Churches are vacant, + their people are crowding Goddard’s Ch. + they are getting a considerable opening of eyes as to the Gospel among us.

Yours affectionately,

C.P. McIlvaine-

Bp. Bedell is working excellently.

Letter to proposed rector of St. John's



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