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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Cinc. Feb. 2. 1860

Dear Bishop—

Two letters from you to be answered. Let us give Paul a fair + charitable treat. I hope he will do well. Keep him in hand as to [hasty??] organizations. Tell him not to organize a parish till he has first advised with you or me. As to [?] I fear he is not the man for [?]. He has no force nor weight at all, no discretion, no common sense, + I think no settled theological [news] in matters of [discrimination]. He always deprecates the institutions at Gambier, because he got into trouble there by his tongue, + I admonished him by letter - a [discipline] which he visits on Gambier, because he thinks I deserved my [impression] from “exercises” of his there. I do not think we are under any obligation to find him a parish. The I have been written to by the [?] at Piqua to recommend a Minister + have written to day advising the call of George Strong of Washington Del. I was thinking of Dillon? for Circleville, but as you think not favorably enough of Marmaduke!! (Phabus[?]) I will refrain.

I am glad you are so full at work at G. Don’t leave again the Rhetorical Exercises till they are through. Charley wrote that he was sorry he did not have your [?], as he says the other Professors do not [? of the same word] enough. I look to you, + if Charley grows in fault, wo to you. Be watchful of the teaching, in that confused place, to a feeble use of [?], + an un[?] manner, + a reading service as of reading to the people, a want of that devout [instruction?] which without seeing them or hearing a word, one would know thy [voice? were? verse?] praying.

Dudley [Chase] is good - how far energetic I do not know. I fear he is tame or he would not be so moving [about]. Perhaps he would be good at Circleville. He is discreet, [prim], amiable & sensible.

As to the Lists of Confirmations (persons) I have all the lists but one or two & when I can get them I will send them. Bosworth is at Alexa Morrow is not a candidate here. You may do what your conscience dictates to writing to Prof. Johnson - He is a silly fellow. As to Passover week, I have usually taken advantage of it to be somewhere with Parishers, + forcibly I shall spend the coming at Cleveland + vicinity. You might be here ^ or ^ at Columbus or both at the same time. One thing we must be careful of [?] to keep the Visitations for Confirmations in their order of [routine], not breaking the order because clergymen want us to come to their parishes, out of [?], except the reason be very special. If we [?] to such wishes, we encourage a very troublesome [?], expectation, complaint, jealousy. I have scarcely ever allowed the routine to be broken, that is, I have avoided [?] to a parish, till its section came to its [?].

As to Lee, I shall not consent to ordain till his year is out. I spent last Sunday there + find he is much valued as very laborious + [adepted?] I spend tomorrow (Springfield) Sunday) at Springfield - but do not go to confirm. I have not heard whether [Grammar] has come. You seem to have had a good Convocation at Mansfield. McCarty is great with his Rector of Newark + REctor of Mt. Vernon, &c. He will have [one] Presb. Rector on him for his assumption of [?] jurisdiction. I tis not advisable language. His report I think too minute. It is best to publish a more general statement, not minutes of a [J?] You have not said any thing about Strong or Clements since you were here.

The Warden of East Plymouth writes that Mr. Hall has [?] I enclose his letter. I do not know how to supply the —. Perhaps you can think. [Valladigham] would do at Hillsborough or Pom?? but where to get [?] money is the question. The Committee is now some two hundred behind on the last quarter. We can make no additional appropriations. That of the Gen. Committee to [?] 200. I have moved to [Meltby] because that place was vacant & we were [?] if it was [?] there. Meltby’s 200 from our Committee, can be transferred to [?] when they get a minister. He is engaged till Easter on [?] from Goddard. He is trying how they will be kept. I am fearing every week that Mann. will send for 50[0]. I have only obtained 200 of it, + it is the last promise of that sort I will make.

When you see the Pres. tell him I will set to work about the Prayer- soon.

Yours very affectionately,

Chas. P. McIlvaine.

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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