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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Bp: McIlvaine


Cinc. Monday M 28

Dec 5

Dear Bishop--

Yours of the 24th from Cleveld came on Saturday. I have recorded Mr. Narkey’s tranfer as you requested, + written him. About the lists of candidates confirmed. All I keep is the date number + place. The names I require to be registered is the P[?] register. I require the list to be handed me at the house of Confimration. As the presentation of the person, + secure as far.

As that can go, the having of a written list of entry on the Register- I began + [?] some year continued to keep the names but found it very burdensome, & without any use, for the Parish Register is the proper place of reference, in case of any need to ascertain whether any one has been confirmed.

When you are at [Delaware[, I wish you would make enquiries concerning a Mr. [Valladingham] of N Libra. (People of N. Libra + probably he will be at [Delaware] when you are there) The wishes to come to our [?] has been for several year a [?] of the Presd. Ch. prevented by weak health. As he [?] me from ever taking a charge + hence from being ordained. He now thinks that hindrance removed + proper our [??] + wrote … to inquire what would be required of him for admission to our Ministry. I have answered but before I go further, wouild like to get all I can about him. I will thank you to leanr all you can.[?] whether too old, all things considreed to work his ordination [?] hiw character for piety, [?] of mind, [?] &c. &c. would he be probably a [dime] among us, a heavywegiht to be supported with a [?] return of usefulness &c. Would he be the man by + by to take these two places, Dalen & N. Lubin.

Yours very affectionately


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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