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Account of visit of Prince of Wales


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letter, McIlvaine, son, Prince of Wales


Home Oct. 1, 1860

My dear Son -

I embrace the first opportunity to give you an account of the visit of the Prince to us as well as Cinc. You will see the newspaper [?] in the Commercial back I will send with this - On Saturday morning, I went to the Bunnet House, where they had arrived at 2 A.M. to see the Duke of New Castle to when. I had a letter delivered on his arrival saying I would wait on him, to make arrangements for the attendance of the part at Church next day. He came as soon as he was dressed to one of the [??] of the hotel where the city on __ the, Mayor &c were waiting All stood aside for our conference -- in which I invited the Prince & [?] to my house on their way to Mr Browlan[?] where I had been [?] arranged that after a drive through the City + Clifton [?] Should lunch, He [?]should be so that he would order the coachman to drive to my house. He said he though they would get out about 3 P.M. Charley had arrived in from Gambier on prupose to see the Prince not expecting more than to see him in Church. Though I had thought of his coming to my house, I had not seriously supposed it would be. But the [??], I hastened home, while they set out on the tour through the city, set all Lands to getting ready, man to mowing the prof in front of the [?] Charley raked as hard as he could, + when we thought we had [?] him yet, lo they were entering our gates. I had just thought to change my hat when the whole [?] was at the door. The first [?] can often [?] with [?] containing the Prince, Lord [?], Duke of New Castle + Earl St. G[ermain]. The next Mayor George Bruce + [?] or so - four or five [?]- with the mayor + city committee in which were Judge [Storer], Rufus King, &c. Your poor mother was unwell & + [?] + stayed up stairs, seeing [???]. The Prince came just and I [?] to him and the chief gentleman of his [??] of Enemy & Anna, with whom all took lunch. Charly being taken by surprise, did not get in till the introduction was over & I did not see him so that to my great sorrow, he was not introduced. They [?] around 20 minutes in the parlour. The room quite filled. After I had sufficiently conversed with the Prince, I left him for Nain and [?] who mighitly enjoyed the occasion. Anna did not get to converse with him, some of the other great folks having occupied her conversation. The Prince was very simple & easy & [?] in [??] & made your sister feel gentle at ease. Of course they fell in love with him. Leaving our house they went to Mr. B[?]’s, enjoying [??], delighted with & surprised at the beauty of Ch[?] & the [??] As we entered the gate of Mr. B’s grounds, we were [?] that he had not got in from the city. I concluded that as they had arrived so much sooner than he expected. I should have to do all the [?] of the house. I [??] and went just. The servant at the door said Mr. B. had not got home. What was to be done[?] The Prince & the Duke were in the door & I was just going to [?] & apologise for Mr. B’s absence when he came from within - just arrived. At the tall gate [?] told him the party had [?] a half hour. Fortunate that they [?] or [??]. Mr. B ran his horse all the way from [?]. After all were introduced, I had to take the chief of the matter on myself as Mr. B. felt a little at a loss & had all his entertainment to think of. After a while in the drawing room, the gentlemen [??] advising the house, & I think [?] arranged at to [?] & [?]. I proposed to the Prince a stroll on the grounds as the day was very fine. So he & I went together & the rest scattered where they would. He & I were together without any one else to interrupt I should think altogether a half hour, when lunch time came. I think [??] & [?] he left. The duke went to [?]. The [?] was very handsome- but no ladies present which was a mistake. We strutted around the grounds [?] it was finished- they took carriage & returned to the city.

Sunday morning. The last arrangement was made at St. John’s - the congregation proper- with such of their [?] when they thought to [?] with them- entered by the side door and through the basement at ½ past ten. On that the first doors were kept closed till the party came. The Mayor had a [?] free on the [?]. When the party entered, the church was completely occupied except the [?] pew up front. 3 each side of the middle aisle [?] being meant which had been reserved for the guests. [?] was greater order & [?]. I had directed that every thing should be exactly as [?] in appearance of [?] in the services or the [?] of [?] than of any [?] on the occasion. Dr. Greenleaf read the pages. Mr. Heather the [?]. Dr. [Browner] the Epistle. I the [?] communion & Gospel. [?] an [?] appearance of attempting a [?]. I directed more than [?] simplicity in the opening. The 100th Po. to Old [?] was excellently sung by the whole congregation. The only change in the service was that I directed the words “The Queen of Great Britain” to be inserted in the Prayer for our President, [??] after the President & before “and all others [?] authority” I preached on Rev. 111, 9 & 10.

Once or twice before service & before they [?] the Prince nodded to your sister. I bid them all good bye in the [??] through which they retired in [?] to and the [?]. It was the first service they had attended in the U.S. except that of a little P[?] church in the province where they stopped to shoot the next day. & I am sure they got a good [impression] of our church, for I never knew a congregation better behaved, and the church had just been nicely filled up anew.

As he [?] and bade me good bye, he said he should hope to see me in England, so that when I go next I shall just order my cab to take me and my “plunder” to St. James or [??] (you know) and call for a room [??].

I forgot to say that little Ellie is greatly put up with what she will have to [?] all her life [?], and that the Prince took off his hat to her. As the carriages were passing [?] gate, she and Ellie were standing out in front of the house, and the Prince bowed to them as he passed. Now I must stop.

Your dear Father--

Letter to son



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