Letter to Rachel Denison

Letter to Rachel Denison

Philander Chase


Phila. Feb. 10th, 1819

To Mrs. Rachel Denison,

Dear Sister,

Tomorrow is fixed on for my consecration. A [mass] of evidence from New Orleans has made my friends rejoice and [mine] enemies ashamed. I need now the prayers of my pious friends for the grace of [humility] and forgiveness more than ever. Do let me have yours.

On Friday with the leave of Divine Providence I shall start for the West to see my loved family. I have often seen the [?] of whom you, your good husband and myself convened the evening before I left you in [Royalton]. Your advice on that subject I shall probably follow. A long time however will lapse before the [?] will be consummated. In the meanwhile I hope for your good wishes.

Do remember me most affectionately to your good husband and embrace your dear children for the sake of your loving brother,

Philander Chase


Chase tells Rachel that he will leave for the West that week and hopes she and her family are well.


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