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Concerned with languages and ideas in a declaration. Attitude toward Bishop Hopkins: is delighted with such an assault and makes capital of it, in his own nauseous and impious state.




letter, McIlvaine, Coxe, Hopkins


Bp. Coxe
Buffalo, Nov. 30, 1866

My dear bishop McIlvaine,

Bishop [?]’s [resolution] was in many respects less stringent than this Declaration; but, as [we] “[reverence] the [Sanctuary]” & everything which belongs to [?], so we treat the Holy Table with [reverence], & it is best to guard against any charge to the [contrary] in a document like this. So we thought. Besides, somebody begged [us] to specify this crux of the whole system, reverence to an altar of propitiatory Sacrifice. We retained the very words of the Article as to the “[Magistrate]” & “weak [brethren]”, [knowing] that they [?] [quote] them at us, if we were afraid of them. Even in this country— the Law of the land has something to do with religion, requiring us to stick to our own laws in discipline, or forfeit [other] protection of “the [Magistrate].” As to [weakness], I plead guilty to being in no sense strong if Bp. Hopkins’ book is strong: & weak I am proud to be called if it be weakness to hate [?] in religion.

As a proper designed to [secure] general [concurrence] & signatures, I think you will find that we have guarded ourselves at all [points], & yet expressed ourselves in [?] not to be successfully gainsayed. I fear Bp. Potter is going to betray himself [?] [?] caution into a very daring position of conflict with his brother bishops & with the Church’s Law.

My little book is out of press. You will not altogether like it. I take, as always, the highest Anglican ground; but, I really think I do much more effective [?] on there fellows than Dr. [?] did, the other day, but his extravagant & reckless language. Hopkins [?] is delighted with such an assault, & makes capital out of it, in his own nauseous & impious style.

Your ever affectionately
A. Cleveland Coxe

Letter to Charles Pettit McIlvaine



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