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Discouraged letter indicates Bedell's orders are to go east and scout around for a president of the college - the Vestry of the Cathedral Church in Clifton do nothing.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Kenyon College


Cinc. Feb. 3

My dear Bishop,

[?]’s candidateship dates Nov. 1. 62, & Kendrick’s Jan. 15 63. D[?]’s certificate from the Stand. Committee dates from Sept, & as the delay in acceptance was no fault of his, & he was preparing all the while I [?] him as above.

[?] [doesn’t] think Irving would answer executively, don’t know Potter enough to say, [thinks] favorably rather of [Wiley] though having no idea as to his acceptance. He says [?] of N. Haven, but for his [?], would do well. I don’t know him.

Bishop Bedell (perhaps you do not know) is detailed for duty in the East, & will report himself to the Field Marshal, from thence as soon as possible. His orders are that he make N. York his [Head] [Quarters], & throw out scouts as far as possible in pursuit of a Pres., & that he exert all his force to obtain & [bring] to them a suitable man to be Pres. of K. College.

The Vestry of this Cathedral Ch. at Clifton have made not the least move. I can not leave that they have had a meeting. They have no thought of giving over $1000, which they gave Lloyd & the great difficulty of a place for a minister to have, for there is no house out here to rent, they have no expectations, so far as I can see, of providing for. The only way is to build a house.

But they have no [?]. Of the men that have considerable strength [?], Bouler, Taylor, Smith, & P[?], (for the most who attend here are not persons of much means). Taylor never goes, though his family do & he has got the idea that he is getting poor, & doesn’t know, as he says to me, that he is worth any thing, in other words, [hypocondrial] in the [?], & Smith since [?] the [?] [fever], lives hardly anywhere. It is said he is going to live in N.Y. P[?] will not live out here till next summer. Mr. Buchanan is afraid of much enterprise lest he should be expected to do much, which he is not able to do. I do not see what is to be done, unless it be to get some one who has means & would like such a place for a sort of retirement & because of other incidental matters, or a young man just out & unnamed, who can live about. I see no thought of a new Church while the war lasts.

There is to be a meeting on Thursday Ev. for the consolidation of the Atonement & Redemption. How does [Leavitt] make out.

Yours affectionately
Chas. P. McIlvaine

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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