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Proposes Clements as temporary president if Potter declines. Ought to have a Trustee's meeting to appoint an agent to invest in government bonds. Paddock has resigned. Unhappy with McCarty as possible Recot of Christ Church - has recommended Newton.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Kenyon College


Cinc. Feb 12 1863

Dear Bp,

I rec’d last Ev. [?] from [Wm.] M. Ross that he was about to apply to be admitted a candidate. I want your account of him. He writes from Gambier.

In case Potter declines what do you think of getting Clements to take the temporary Presidency till the country gets into some order. I think we should [invest] in the [Govt.] [?]. Dr. Wing I suppose is unable to see to Agency [business]. What do you think of Neff for Agent, Dr. Bronson suggest him as well as Clements as [above]. If Neff who seems a business man is the man, there would be an advantage over a stranger, in his being acquainted with things - & besides he would not cost what we must a pay a person who would go there only for that office.

Bronson thinks that opinion has got [?] to such extent about Long and Chapman that we shall have to charge them for [others]. Do we need a meeting of Trustees about an Agent. If he is to be appointed I should not take the responsibility of doing it.

Yours affect.
C. P. M.

Paddock has requested and I suppose Sandford (D. Warden) has written you as he has me about a successor. Probesco was out here last Ev. about Christ Ch. He seems a good deal starved about McCarty but he should be elected. There is danger certainly - & what a [mortification] it would be. I [pressed] Newton again - and now that there is such a [diversion], Probesco has no hope that [?] would accept. Mr. Shrewsberger having gone to Phila. and [N.Y.]. I wrote him yesterday urging him to hear Newton before he returns. Anderson told me yesterday that S[?] will certainly not be re-elected [Warden], at Easter. There are two vacancies in the [vestry] to be filled. I wish we could keep Newton till we see what can be done [here] But who for St. Paul’s? I don’t know what they would think of [?] [return].

The Sec. of the D[?], [?] [?] has [notified] me by last mail that $500 are appropriated to Ohio, & requests to know how I would have it applied. What is your mind on that [need]?


Now [?] last words.

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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