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letter, McIlvaine


Cincinnati Jan 27,1860

Dear Sir,

I do indeed owe you an apology for not having sooner answered your kind letter of Nov. 24. Partly ill health requiring abstinence from work has been the cause, but principally that I hoped to find some papers which would have aided me in the [particulars] [necessary] to enable me to answer the [subject] as to my father. I have failed to find them, but hope to do without them, by means of information expected from my elder brother in New York.

I am much obliged for the interesting remembrance of the school exhibition in Monroe and the kind manner in which you mention me in that connection and in subsequent relations. I remember Mr. Dodge very well and beg my kind remembrance to his daughter.

If you write a listing or dictionary of the present session of Congress, you will have a chapter indeed. What a disgrace to civilization! What a sign to governments elsewhere concerning the self-government of the people. We need a Cromwell to turn out the H. of Representatives–if we could find the Cromwell that could substitute a better. Only God can save us from our politicians.

Yours very truly,

Charles P. McIlvaine

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