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More housekeeping problems - recommendations and questions about various clergymen - the president of college will go to Dr. Wing's funeral.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Cinc. Feb 18 1863

Dear Bishop,

As to Clements, nobody has mentioned him to me but Bronson. His suggestion was the only cause of [?]. He who mentioned that Clements had said to him that under present circumstances (I suppose Lang’s and Chapman’s supposed habits the cause) he could not recommend a parent to send a son to the College. That is pretty [serious] in the Education Agent.

About Neff. I suppose he might be troublesome. I will inquire him as to that [?]. O[?] would be the best of all and I am pretty sure would go. The difficulty there is the salary he would need. At least $1000. Now I think the work of the agency does not require a whole man--and if we could get it well done otherwise, it would be better.

I wrote Andrews about investments--and he consulted Mr. [?] one of the Committee and Judge Swan and they all agree upon state-stocks. Still enquiry in N.Y. would be well.

I thought I had [?] that Dr. Howe had formally written me his declination. I suppose the reason why I did not think of doing it, was that it was so certain at any rate. If the Pastoral was published only in the paper--I will thank you to get me three copies of the paper and have them sent me.

Dear Dr. Wing. In the uncertainly as to the time of his departure, it would not be well for me to go up before. But I will go if possible to the funeral. I have an engagement here on the 25th which I cannot dispense with. I do not know any other impediment. Telegraph me--and I will answer immediately and go if possible. The Trustees should be invited--and the opportunity when to have a meeting--which I authorize you to call. I want the [?] list to make out a [?] of the neighborhood and of Cleveland--as soon as possible.

Your aff’ly,





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