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Approves Bedell's "strategy" in Akron-wants both to act in "concert" for St. Paul's not recommend different movt. Newark it to be supplied by Hill. Perhaps Granville might be connected to Newark.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Cinc. Feb 17 1863

Dear Bp,

Yours of the 15th rec’d last Ev. I commend your strategy at Akron. It makes you worthy of being “Gazetted”--and I hope Maxwell will defeat their [?]. But I am very sorry about King. I hoped better things of him. Oh! That some parish afar off would give Fiske a very loud call so that he would interpret it as Paddock does his. As to St. Paul’s I want that you and I should act in concert and escape recommending different persons. Let me know therefore your mind. About Kent Stone all I know of him is from you--and as you rejoice, so do I. Do you intend him to supercede Leavitt? Will he add to the expenses? I enclose a letter from Leavitt. He writes in a very good spirit--I very much like his desire to spend a year more in study. He shows his good sense. It would be of great consequence to him. But how far that depends on his containing in his present place, in his mind. I do not know--or whether he wants my advice, under the idea that I expect him to apply for orders [?]. I will thank you to see him and understand what his views are, and if they have [?] dependence on continuance in his present office--or on some substitute which we cannot give, say that I am wholly in favor of his plan. Have they any service at Granville--I fear Hill will go to Newark. S[?] wrote me that it was believed there that Hill wanted to come and would, if the Bp. did not prevent. I answered that I knew nothing about it, except from him, S[?], that Hill had not sought my advice. I think Granville might be connected with Newark.

In receiving your letter, I see that you want Stone for Chapman’s place. I suppose therefore he will not trench upon Leavitt, except for L[?].

I suppose the Pastoral was issued only in the paper, as i have not rec’d any pamphlet form of it. I can’t learn that it was rec’d anywhere on Sunday lest in CIncinnati. Cox put it off for Ash Wednesday and I let him see I was not pleased. I have not seen any other Rector or sub-rector. Most likely Gray read it. Did you see that Minister, not taking the paper, had that copy sent there.

Yours affectionately,


I will write to Stone.

Letter to Bedell



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