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Trip to England




letter, McIlvaine, Chase, England


Cincinatti July 11 1862

My Dear Mr. Chase

Yours about Mr. Morse’ mother received [?] night. Made a reconnaissance yesterday to find out if Miss Kate had come to Cinc. & found she had arrived the day before. After a considerable parley, [gave] while that I would appear in [larger] force to-day. So my daughter & I are just going to turn for that purpose, sorry she goes away tomorrow.

Please answer as briefly as you please the following inquiry. I have about $2000 to invest, & I want to do it in Govt. securities. Please advise me how best to do it.

Yes! If I were still in England, but what a cross to be there at such a time. I pity Mr. Adams. It is very gratifying to me that the Govt. appreciate so highly what I did. Mr. Weed’s letter to the Corporation of N.Y. [entains] just [?]. I have written strongly to England about the doings in Parlt. As to the Butler Proclamation. I thank [?] word “infamous”, & his leaping to the conclusion that the [best] meaning was the truest & his imagining that if that were the meaning, it needed his ex cathedra, judgment to make us see the guilt & remedy it is one of the greatest insults our Govt has received. I can network [?] & Gregory’s abuse as coming from the leader of the Southern sympathy in Parlt. but the [Premier] is another matter. I pity your poor shoulders & head & all else in these days of burden & anxiety.

Yours affectionately,
Charles P. McIlvaine

Letter to S.P. Chase



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