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About his pastoral transfer for J.B. Britton; has come from Bishop Kemper; Higbee will be transferred to Pennsylvania; Reese is going to Springfield




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, church


Cinc. Feb. 21, 1863

My dear Bishop,

Yours of the 18th recd. Last Ev. I liked very much what you said at Ga after the reading of the Pastoral & the suggestion as to a time of prayer. I will join the concert. As to the charge, After sending that English Copy to Charles, I found one of the Ohio editors, the only one I have besides one that is bound up with other things. I will send you that. It has had several English Editors, & I have had the [most] remarkable instances brought to use of good to clergyman & candidates for order in England. The first editor was in Cambridge for use in the University. I have thought that as it is now about wholly unknown in this County, & is just as important to be [received] as it was first to be delivered, of recording it & perhaps enlarging more in some points & delivering it as a Charge at our next Conv. Probably it will be my last, & I should like to show how I stand where I stood at my first Charge. Now does it strike you?

I’m thankful to hear what you say of my son, especially about the [?] P. Meeting. Exercise him in such ways all you can. I will remember about [?] Rev. I. B. Brothers has been transferred by Bp. [Kemper] & is Rector of St. Pauls [?]. [?] applies for transfer to [Pa] & I shall give it. Of the three [?] for Rector at G. I have no acquaintance with either. I have heard worst & least of [?] [Leecock] (I have an idea that I have heard) is not very efficient or industrious. Reece I know nothing of. When you have made up your mind, let me know [?]. He must be accustomed to cultured society. When you shall give me some idea of [?] personally. I will see the gentleman.

I will write at [?] about the [?]. I much question whether I have the authority to change the pronunciation. The Trustees have. But I will struggle [?] my p[?] to the Faculty & that by, then [?].

Yours affly,
C. P. M.

I send a copy of my Charge in [Regeneration]. I have but one other copy which I shall send to Charles. I have found one copy of [?] in [?] I had it [?] from a release by the present Archdeacon of Middlesex for my course with Theol. Students. I had it in parts in the Paper & then transferred to pamphlets to and expense. I found it very convenient.

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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