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Asking Whittingham to take on the duties of chairman on a committee McIlvaine has been appointed to.




letter, McIlvaine, Whittingham


Rec’d April 10

[?] April 20

(211) Cincinnati Ap. 8th/69

My dear Bishop,

I part Cincinnati at the [lip] because my address is this, though I now write from Cleveland. I write to ask you your opinion as to when and where the committee on the Course of [?] should be called to meet, if there is any use in trying to get a meeting before the [?]/October for example. I perceive by the correspondence, in the parcel rec’d from you, that Oct. Was generally advised by the former Committee for their first meeting.

I am sorry I was put in the present Committee and especially that I was so placed that the Chairmanship falls to me, partly because as you were in that portion before, you know all about the past proceedings and partly because I continue in the same mind as when I wrote you [?], as to the good to be obtained by any such course in the present state of the Church. As regards, books, and the direction prove to study by all the [?] for that purpose. If you would consent to be the chairman again and allow me to be simply a member of the committee I should be very glad.

I hope you are a great deal better in health than when I was at your house in [Danway].

I remain, your friend and brother,

Charles, P. McIlvaine

Rt. Rev W. R. Whittingham

Letter to Reverend W. R. Wittingham



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