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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Cinc. Nov. 21, 1859

My dear Bishop—

I have two letters of yours to answer. The first of Nov. 18 from Madison. The itinerary for the parishes at Plymouth, Jefferson, &c. You ask me if I know any body for it. No, + that, coupled with the nature of the field requiring a very active + self-[?] man is the reason that it has been so long recent. The Missy Committee of the Diocese / not “so artsy” cannot add any thing to its appropriation this year -- More than ⅓ of its annual receipts have been for Cinc. St. [?] & Christ Ch. The former is vacant + probably will be for some time, + as the [contestation] so much depends on a Rector to get it up, in all probability it will come very far short of its usual figure. So [no] Christ Ch. as Mr. Goddard has been in his [shares only] since Oct. 1 or thereabout. that since will be

that unusual. Then I fear that the present appropriations will not all b emet. / By the way, I have heard nothing about a daughter of F. Vintro being called, but I will see. I have scarcely been in town since I came home) - But with regard to this itinerary other vacant places, I want to apply them when you see opportunity without waiting for me. If you think you know the night man, who could be got, got work to get him. You ask me if I have any objection to [Lang] No- on the contrary, I have wanted to get him, but not having any knowledge of him but from a letter you sent me, I have only guessed at what would suit him. I dare say the letter of Col. [?] to him was colder in aspect than it was intended to be, as he is unaccustomed to writing- [Newbald] is at Lousiville + has been transformed. I fear it is too late to get [Lang]. Mr. Swan goes to [M] + Napoleon. Fremont, Milan + Akron are three points the supplied, but neither of them I fear could support him. ou know the cert. if you can get him for either do. As to Dayton, I have recommended them to call Mr. Robbins of Springfield - a very good man. Dr. Burke is thought to be approaching his end!! by gradually [?] weekends. Alas! Alas! If they do not call him I will nominate [Loumbray] in Franklin. It is the only vacancy, except Dr. Whin’s Cinc. + Dr. Pards Cleveld that would answer for them. Chency or Whyllic who you mention in your letter of the 18, I know nothing about. Their names are new to me. Indeed you must remember that I know very few of the clergy out of Ohio, + scarcely any among those under 40 years of age. Now would Franklin or Ahauncey do for St. Paul’s Cleveland? Do you know a clergyman [?] in Brooklyn, now would named Perinchief -- Dr. Dyer speaks much of him. Would he do for St. John’s or St. Patrick’s?

I am glad you can speak encouragingly of [Brower] You [?] is very slow, + I have the same thoughts about it that you have. Carlett is slow also -- Philips does want new … but he does as well for that people as any body we could get. The Ch. has been enlarged under him + the attendance much in?, He is judicious + firm.

About the Prof[??] You are entierely right -- the Trustees will have it just as you please. The [?] will be changed. It will be Lectureship + as to a house, that college is regarded as only a promise for an emerging -- the Diocese must [?] a permanent + good house or I shall have no comfort or peace of mind. There is much trouble at the college. I am sorry to [??] youngster have rented [?] + wanted the affairs especially the Pres + [?] have been dumped + more probably will be the Pres. [?] me no great trouble. I hope my Prof. of religion has led any connection with the army, but if any have I hope they will not be spared. Per tit casum + discrima serum along the things that will come as you deify us the care of the churches, you will find the province for [?] + vacant parishes about the h[?] + not difficult.

But the pleasure that you [?] us your work is a great comfort to me. I am very thankful for it. The Lord be your constant joy. [M] I cannot look over what I have written for the opportunity to [??] Affectionate remembrance to Mrs. B.

Yours very affectionately,


I have led not return of [?] my been once I write [?] but I have done nothing but write letters + read.

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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