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Concerning Grover's request to become an Episcopalian minister. Discussing the poor state of the ministry during the war and losing men to the army.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Grover, ministry


Cinc. Aug 22 25 1862

My dear Bishop,

To my [?] [?] I received a letter from Grover yesterday, requesting to be despised, & giving as a reason that he is not so convinced of Episcopal as he thought he was & as he supposes he should be to be an Ep. minister. The letter as an assignment of reasons is very lame. I suppose the truth is he has been disappointed in not get up [?] us our Ch. [?] the Methodist he was a Presiding Elder & much considered. With us he has not been called to offer sects. I don’t think him ambitious of great things but he has expected more than he has had, & [now] having no place, he wishes to get back.

We get no material, the average of which is so poor, so unadaptable to our institutions, [?] that is so often disappointed more that preaches the Gospel with so little disturbance & [?] & [?], away all that come to us from [professedly] Evangelical Ministers of other demonstrations, as the Methodist. ([American]). This has been my experience from the beginning. Some of our men think it quite a matter when a Methodist Minister of some mark is desirous of coming to us. I never, but am always afraid.

I have appointed visitations at Circleville, Lancaster, and [Lawsville].

[Reverend] Gray has informed me that he is going into the Army as [?] Surgeon. I have written that while I do not disapprove, he should have first written me for consent, and that should he desire after the war to return to candidateship, it must be a new application for admission. He has a good medical education, and good abilities for a [physician], and that properly is his place. I never liked his choice of the ministry and should be glad if this step leads to his permanent withdrawal. He is good, but too [unenergetic] and not enough [?] for the pulpit.

Yours in haste,


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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