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Incomplete fragments of a letter to Bedell




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


[incomplete, only contains fragments of the letter]

Cinc. Sunday P.M.

Aug. 7, 62

My dear Bishop,

It is not likely I can go to Columbus for the Missy. meeting or that of the Trustees. I called the Trustees to meet on the 9th also. I doubt whether in such times there will be a quorum. Probably, almost [?] the state of things have will be such that it would not be right for me to be absent either as regards any family or the city or my character. The enemy are marching on us in two Columbus, + how near I know not, but probably will be opposite our lives on the other side tonight or tomorrow. The numbers as said to be 30,000, Kenty [?] force, [inscribed] by Ky. Secessionists, We have [?] a large force confronted of Regts of new a-listed volunteers, the armed [?] of Cinc. Newport & Coughton _ thousands of new from places in the interior armed with their own rifles. These I consider our best. I believe we have not a half Regt. even of one that have ever been under fire. Our officers are all new except Gen Wright, Gen, Wallace & Gen. [Judach]. But by the working of 10,000 men a day we are well fortified, + I hope will make a strong resistence. The Lord be on our side. I am not well enough to move about much or I should have been on the other side arming the men & works. Indeed I question if I am well enough at any rate to bear the ride to Columbus. What I am troubled with is excessive [?] + inflammation of the surfaces on & about the anus, so that I sleep badly have to be resorting to frequent applications


there will be a battle. Our rifle puts extend 14 miles.

I will thank you to advise with the Trustees about offering one of our College buildings, if it can be spared for sick & wounded soldiers if needed. The air of Gambier is so pure that wounds would have the best chance of healing there. Being however some miles from a R.R. is an objection. It is not likely it would be accepted & used, because there is so much space nearer. But it might be well to authorise me to make the leader of it seem fit.


Some time ago about a week Professor [Chapman] wrote me from Columbus asking to be relieved from duty that he might go into the army. As we shall need to [?] this term & we have the means of supplying his dupl I consented but only a relief - not a resignation. The Board will take such [?] as it can about a Pres. I have nothing additional to [?] I sent you about Pres. Allen of Guard College. I should like to know what you have seen + learned about Another. Charles is a Sergt. in our Clifton Co. [cut off]

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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