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letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Cincinnati Thursday

Nov. 17 / 39

Nov 28 1859

My dear Bishop-

I got home from Columbus (having been to a meeting of Trustees of the Seminary) last night + found yours of the 12th es, Miller has declined, + I know not what next. They will now [?] Cooper of Phila. The Trustees have decided the Agent to repair + [?] [?] the house in the Park which students have been living in, for you, [?] something better can be done. As it is a Dicoesan duty, they did not think they [?] go any farther but felt that something must be done before the Diocese could move. The [?] can be made quite comfortable for a small family + as all its rooms are [?] ground, it will suit you better than others of [more cool + appearance.] You can make a pretty piece of ground in front if your fancy [such as others], + have a good vegetable ground behind. Mr. Blake will kindly and in the direction of the fitting up.

The Trustees also resolved to request you to take the instruction, as Prof. of Part. Dio. tho Prof. who now has that, being [desirous] of it. At the same time, the Brerd [?] the regent that they were not able to [?] more n [?] than appro[?] the house. I said you did not expect any salary beyond that voted by the Diocese, + would take that department just as I used to do ^ with others also ^ when living there.

I hope you keep up your good spirits on your [?] + also Mr. Bedell. We did not [?] for such weather so soon, as that last week. I hope you will think of somebody for [??] Cleveland. (They will not call Dr. Clenton’s nephew.) + Dayton + [?] John’s Cinc.

I must not say, I am sorry to say, but I must say that my good health of late has not continued, that is what I am so well in appearance + everywhere except my head, that has [?] me again. I did not tell you that immediately after speaking in [??] at Cleveland, I had a confusion of memory, + after preaching last Sunday, a seemed more decided than ever before. I have now a troublesome cold. The Lord [preface] me for all this will -- I am so glad to see you + Mr. Bedell seems so cheerful + happy -- The Lord’s blessing rest on our [?]

Yours very affly

C.P. Mc—

[?] is called to [Sh?] + Columb[us] + probably will meet you there

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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