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Excellent recommendation for Fayella who has come to the Church through the Roman Church. Good sentence "As the end of all, the best thing I can say of him is the truest." He has my confidence.




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87 Prospect Street

Cleveland, 23 March, 1868

My dear Bishop,

Fayella is about to [answer] to Toronto, [C.N.] and he informs me that he has written to you asking to be admitted to the exercise of the Ministry, & that you will give him a letter [dismissing].

I write to bear my testimony to the worthy manner in which he has sustained his Christian character during the time since his testimonials were placed in your hands. The firmness of his connections in relation to those doctrines & usages of the Roman Church which we have cast off, has been plainly increasing. He has always borne himself in a manner becoming a Protestant. And, so far as I can judge of him or anyone, I think he has, in all respects, led a godly Christian life.

I do not forget that we are always liable to imposition. But I have known Fayella for nearly two years. For more than seventeen months his application has been before the Bishop. During this time he has been a communicant of my parish, & I have been in frequent - sometimes daily - intercourse with him. As the end of all, the best thing I can say of him is the truest. He has my confidence.

Sincerely making my duty to you, Sir, I am,

Your faithful presbyter,

A. H. Washburn

The Rt. Rev. Dr. McIlvaine

Letter to C. P. McIlvaine



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