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Updating on family matters, particularly concerns about parentage.




letter, McIlvaine, daughter, family


Cinc. Sept 11, 1865

My precious Mamy-

I hope you have not had such exhausting weather as we have been boiled in, not roasted. The usual weather of the first week of Sept. began the last two weeks of August & is going on yet, except “with a vengeance” sealed with a vengeance. Sun [last] showing on a deuse vaporey air or else sun clouded + the air a vapour both, with much rain, making all the houses sticky + all doors unwilling to shut & all feelings cross or tripled thereto. I have felt awful but have got on with it by keeping busy pretty well considering. You sweet letter came + all have read it. My darling, if I had realized that you had such [?] how your dear children would seem to me, I should have taken more pains to say, as will as show, how I loved them + how good + nice, looking & excellently behaved I thought them. I know of none who seem to me better brought-up, or more like children of “gentle” parents, + christian parents. I should be no more afraid to show them any where, then I would th[?] [problem] + punk of a high [?] lady, my own darling. Mamy - of whose manners & appearance + conversation I should be proud of in the highest circles on earth. About those [slippers] please keep them. I bought them in Oxford St. London. I’m glad the pears got to you well + were enjoyed. The commission of English gentleman comes out to expect the Atlantic + Great Western R.R. embraces [three] of our friends, [my] Sir [Morten Pets, Hon. Arthur Knoward & Mr. Bevan]. Mr. [Knoward], Nain + [Anne] + I are especially [?] with. All those three are [proven] men + of great wealth. They get to Cinc. tonight + are (the whole party of 40) to drive to Clifton tomorrow + lunch at Mr Ellis? who bought Derby’s place, next to the one opposite us. There I am expected to meet them, but alas I can not [?] being at Columbus tomorrow + I believe they leave Cinc. on Wednesday morning. Is it not “aggravation”? But Emmy & Nain & [Anne] are to assist Mr. Ellis in doing the honours. Nain thinks there is a boarding school to be recommended for Ellis in Cinc. + she promised to [inquire] about it, but she has been so exceptionally busy getting ready to go with me to the East, that she has not done. If such a school there be, it would no doubt be cheaper than any good school in N.Y. It would be too far off for Emmy to live with us + attend it, but she could always come to us on Saturday + stay until Monday, which we would be so glad of. Nain + I set off on Friday, going just to Newport for a week. We are to be guests of Mr [Ives], a wealthy gentleman there. Good bye my Mamy. I send one kiss & a half to each of the children + a half more to my dear Emmy + love to [Wesh]

Your dearest Father

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