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Called top president's attention - West Point vancancy, expressed desire to see you gratified; Mr. Coxe appointed Codifier of District Laws; Lee's venture give us opportunity to crush rebellion be destroying army in Richmond.




letter, McIlvaine, Chase, West Point, Coxe


Mr Chase

Treasury Department. (letterhead)

June 3, 1863

Dear Bishop,

I have called the President’s attention to the West Point vacancy and expressed my desire that you may be [?]. My hope is pretty [?] that you will be.

Mr. [C], you see, has been appointed codifier of the District Laws.

In my poor judgment the venture of Lee was rash in the extreme and has given [us] a providential opportunity to [quash] the [rebellion] [?] the destruction of his Army and the capture of Richmond. I [??] to the opinions that had Hooker [?] left [?] by orders [?] both their objects would have had [disciplines? difficulties?] led [to] the [??] strained. I am not without hope that the same end may be attained under Meade, when I scarcely know but of when else ^ who do know he a ^ seem to speak well.

Your friend heartily

[S? Chase]

Rt. Rev. C. P. McIlvaine

Letter to C. P. McIlvaine



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