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Fear over appointment of antipathetic minister




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Bp: M- 62 08 15

input: matters

[?] [awhile]

Cinc. Aug. 15 [1862]



Dear Bp,

You will get this & one I wrote last Ev. by the same mail.

A committee of Christ Ch. has been with me & informed me they have voted a call to Grammar, + Mr. [Probasc] has gone to see him with it.

They feel exceedingly troubled about the state of their Ch., they feel the imminent need of getting a Minister as soon as possible, they had heard about [Eccleston] when I had mentioned [on] your information, & thought he would not suit, & (what frightens me) it is manifest that if Grammar does not accept or some [?] when they will surely fix us in his stead & that at once in his place. They will call [Schuyler] of St. Louis, + then because he is not [unwanted] to a part & the [rest] will give way to get a minister.

I really am frightened at this alternative. It would be dreadful, for though Mr. S. is a [??] Churchman, his sympathies are not at all with us, + it would be considered as great a [?] to [?] Churchman, as the taking of Richmond to our Govt.

Under these circumstances I hope G will accept, greatly as I dislike to have him away from Columbus.

Can you think of any one else? What of [Chauncy]?

By the way the Rev. [Mr.] Helm once a [Blessed?] minister graduate of the [Princeton] Sem. [?] Episcopal minister + [?] in charge of a ladies’ Seminary in Phila. sending them now. Said to be a fine scholar, twice elected Pres. of a college in Tennessee has written me for service [?]. O, I [wish?] you could learn all about him.

Yours affectionately,

Chas P. McIlvaine

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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