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Feels strongly McIlvaine's exception to Bishop Hopkin's letter, but feels more strongly he wants church brought together. Gave permission to send letter as writted for him. Sends McIlvaine copy of his reply to Hopkins.




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[B] July 6/ 65

My dear Bishop

I thank you for your communication of your letter to Bp Hopkins. With one exception I had felt strongly all the grounds of objection to Bp H’s course which you bring forward but one so earnestly desirous that the surrendered elements of our Body should be brought together with the least possible delay, that I was fain to overcome my reluctance to give sanction to a somewhat dangerous precedent, to the extent of authorising Bp H to send his letter in his own name with assurance of my [?]. I inclosed a copy of my note on next leaf.

The point in regard of which I do ^ not ^ have in your apprehensions is that the danger of having a “military” representation sent to General Convention from some Southern Diocese. I am very positively answered by such after clergy from the South as I have seen that the opinion of Churchmen is strongly against the desecration of the ministerial office by military service, and that no clergyman who has been guilty of it is likely to recover his standing with ease or speedily.

The utterances of our brother of Georgia our greatly to be regretted: but even those had perhaps better be ignored by us, if he be disposed to take an altered tone, rather than drive him, and others in support of him, into an attitude of open opposition.

Very faithfully

Your friend & brother

W.R. Whittingham

Rt. Rev. Dr. McIlvaine


Rt. Rev Demlin

I have received your printed insular of June 22nd inclosing a draft of a letter to the Bishops in the States lately in rebellion, for my signature.

I cannot sign, as my own, a letter about the contents and phraseology of which I have had no opportunity to previous conference.

But that the brotherly and timely action proposed by you may have, as far as I am concerned, the spirit and substance of entire unanimity, I [?] authorize you to send your proposed letter as written by you in my behalf with my hearty concurrence in its purport and end.

Very faithfully [?]

Your friend & brother

W.R. Whittingham

Rt. Rev John R Hopkins, d.d.

Bishop of Vermont

and Senior Bishop [?.?.]

Letter to Charles P. McIlvaine



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