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Cracroft case settled in Cracroft's favor. About men in the ministry and lay readers: 1) More stated opportunity for us to preach in Rosse Chapel 2) Administration of Holy Communion. Rector's place is paramount unless Bishop has official work to do.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Cracoroft, church


Cincinnati Jan. 3 1865

My dear Bishop

Happy New Year to you + Mr. Bedell. Maybe it will [?] with me of us into the happiness of the “house not made with hands, extend in the heavens.”

I sat down to answer your budget dispatched Dec. 28. If we measure the distance from Gambier to Cinc. by the [time] token for letters to come, it is as far as from here to Portland + further. I have delivered your request about Lord G. to Nain + she will see to it. As to [Cracroft], the thing is settled as to mode of proceeding by my having notified Bp. W. that the case would be placed before the S. Comm. I do not [pg2] think it would be right to leave [Cracroft] to the vengeance of Bp. W. + such [trying] as he would have charges of the most trifling kind such for example as preaching in a B[?] Ch. + without [?], would be made mountains.

As to Leithhead, I am sorry about his throat. Will the time ever come when Ministers will [?] throats? But the idea of a clerkship is a poor prospect. Such places are full of applicants. At the very best, he would probably have to wait several months for an appointment. Then if he has a family, the office he would get, being of course one of the least salary, would be insignificant in the prodigious expense of living in [Wash.] It is exceedingly difficult for Clerks in the best salaries to support themselves, if they have families. Again, since Mr Chase left, I have no influence with any of the heads of Dept. beyond what any body of stature + character has, except Gov. [Demon], with whom you have more intimate acquaintance than I have. The utmost [Lettered] could expect, would be some temporary office which may happen to be made for an emergency, because he would go to a novice + does not expect to remain long enough to grow into much competency. STill I will do what I can for hm. with you, before the bar of [Demon’s] kindness. I should not feel free to write any thing but a general letter to any body else.

As to [Kirkport], I know nothing on which to form an opinion. I would advise a letter of enquiry from you to Jewett - before Leithhead takes any step.

[pg 3]

the points to be hit are not big things standing out prominently, but rather matters incidently coming to be touched somewhat indirectly + especialy to be so touched that they + their Author are not placed in a position of undue importance, whereby they might the more influence by being made the objects of a sort of [?] official. Episcopal contradictions.

It is precisely that sort of pre [ingress] into the pulpit of Rosse Chapel which common propriety would afford you, to preach just which you like, + what you like, that is the only thing. Did you ever see an [abbater] before a fort? What does it remind you of?

2. The administration of the Common. I don’t know that I quite understand your idea. But the selection of a Bishop of the Diocese, [pg3/2] (you or I) ^ to the REctor in Rosse Chapel) is just this, or far as pr[?] goes. When he is in the Church for no Episcopal office, he is there precisely as he would be should he go into Trinity Ch. Cleavland [sic] on a Sunday, having got there the day before. Hearing on Monday, a [cornhopper]

The Rector’s place then is paramount. The fact that the Ch. belongs to the Trustees of the Bp. has charge of the spiritual interests of the College &c., gives him no more right to take any Rectored office not of his hand than my Selection as President Bp. to every parish & Rector would authorize me to do the same in any parish of the Diocese.

When the Bp. had an official work (Episcopal) to do, then he has a right to Rosse Chapel for that purpose. But what prerogative cannot dam-

[pg. 4 / left]

good taste, not to speak of other things might to [give]. Would something of that sort is brought about, I would, in your place, abstain from offering to assist. The fact that you are ready + [?] to preach + [?] can get abroad + work [?] way - Especially I would not have you offer to assist + them be made to follow the Rector, in the administration… I sometimes when asked by a Rector to take his place [consecrate] feel a pleasure in saying no, do it yourself. I will only assist - but then I take the bread. But if I supposed the R. to be very [?] about his rights, + that only he must administer to his people, except as his assistant - there I stand off, + prefer not to put myself in the way of either a declinations on his part or a refund on my part, _ I am the most comfortable in the place of a member of the congregation. What about Norwalk? Have you any prospect of getting supplied + M[?]

[pg 1 / left]


I have no right to give him a Lay Readers license to be used in N.Y. + as to Missy work which of course would be lay, I do not know enough about him to [give] him a letter to Bp. Potter recommmending such an appointment. He was a very short time a candidate before he led to give up study. What be attained or [?] if I do not know. My idea is that if he be competent to pursue his studies, which can be ascertained, he should be advised to return to Gambier, + informed that under present conditions we cannot place reliance on [the] attainments he is able to make.

As to Mr. Lobdill, I see nothing in the essential work of the Ch. Commission [inconsistent] with his being a candi-

[pg. 4 / right]

date for order. It is not necessarily a clergyman’s work. Nine tenths of it involves nothing inconsistent with the layman’s position. Should be preach in any found[?] sense - going beyond much exhortations as a Supreme [attendant] of a S. S Church or the leader of a P. Meeting, being a layman, [nought] will do, be would go worry. But he can have a large spirited field + amid such things. Of course he would not administer the Sacraments. I consider that work a good school for a Minister

Now about two matters in your former letter.

  1. Some stated opportunity for us to preach in Rosse Chapel. If I understand your news - it seems to me, it would be too p[?] with reference to the Rector, too [sic] preach for usefulness + especially would [into the air] be cause

M[?] What can be done - Yours affly C. P. M.

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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