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Asks information on establishment of French Episcopal Church through the American Church. Send a chaplain. Large numbers of papists would come. Can I be of help? Born in France, etc. However, is not in orders and does not want to leave his job. Would you supply means and men?




letter, Rouex, McIlvaine, France, church


University of Bishop’s College, Canada E

East, December 30th 1864

To the Right Reverend Father

in God, Bishop McIlvaine

Ohio, U.S.

Right Reverend Father,

The interest you have always taken in the disciplinary cause, + your special knowledge of France, + of France’s wants emboldened me to apply to you for information on a subject which, for several years, has been dear to my heart, that is: the establishment, in France, of a French Episcopal Church, through the American Episcopal Church. I say the American + not the Anglican, because of the [?] are [?] against the latter.

The means to be adopted would, I suppose, be to send as Chaplain or Assistant Chaplain a man well educated in both languages who [called? cared?] which ministering in the American Chapel, prepare the way by visiting, Lecturing, discipling , holding small meetings, till as sufficient numbers would be gathered to justify the assignation into a district church.

The field would be the Roman Catholic population of Paris + environs. My impression being that before many years, if properly managed + with our Lord’s blessing, large numbers of Papists, [?] millions of them, might be brought under the pale of the Free Church. Of course after a beginning would have been made in Paris, the Field would be France itself

My deep impression is that France will never be much affected by the Protestant bodies now existing in its midst, + whilst I would not interfere with their work, I have no doubt to what the gallican + [?] existing there, driven to despair by the [pretences?] of the [?] would naturally flee for refuge in the bosom of our Episcopal Church. That a crisis is to be expected in religious things, that a religious [?] is to come to pass, the history of the last ten years abundantly shows.

I do not know if I can be of any use in bringing about such desirable results. Born in France, from Catholic parents, converted at R[?]; prepared for the Ministry at Geneva under [Merle d’Anglique]; Baptist Minister [?[ for 10 years in Canada, I [?] since several years a member of the Episcopal Church 2 Professors of French in their Episcopal University. Had I the means, I would spend my long summer holidays in Paris, + would do there, at my own expense, the work of an evangelist, tell the Lord would raise [someone] better qualified, or lead me himself in h[is] own way. But I cannot think of that for the present, + my object [in] writing to you is to call your attention on this most unexpectant point, hoping that the Lord may make you find the means + the men to begin at once the good work.

It is perhaps well that I should say that I am not in Holy Order. I occupy a good, profitable + honorable [position] in the country, + can not [?] all the [desines] to leave it. Besides I have a family of five little girls, + a wife who never crossed the ocean, so that there is no prospect for me to go to France in a permanent way. IT is that which gives me more freedom in writing to you on the subject.

And [?] [in exploring] the [favour] of Jesus Christ, our Savior, upon this my feeble undertaking, + his manifold blessings upon you + your Church, I beg to [?] myself

Most Reverend Father,

Your very [?] servant in Christ

[Charles Prony]

Porf C. Roux MA



Letter to C. P. McIlvaine



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