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Response to Du Bois's letter regarding birth of Mary Cornelia Du Bois (12/21/1864)




letter, McIlvaine, Du Bois, son-in-law, family



Dec. 28 /64

My dear Sir-

Your welcome letter anniversary the birth of your little daughter + dear Mamy’s safety + good condition arrived last Ev. It is a subject of great thankfulness that our dear she is so well. May the gracious Lord be pleased to revive her strength, + give her + you great comfort in the addition to your family.

I am concerned as to what you said in a previous letter about the evil [?] to which George is exposed at school. It is a serious matter + should be well weighed. I do not give an opinion as to what you ought to do, because I am not sufficiently informed but there is a danger of that sort ^ to ^ which no advantages of education could justify a parent in exposing a child.

Your affectionate Father

Chas. P. McIlvaine.

I should be glad to have particulars of your condition. ARe you at house keeping? How do you like your parents? What do they pay you? Are they [?]. How large is your Ch. how many families - They have the reputation of being very copperheadish. How many commencements &c &c

How do you find the [heelthump?] of the place?

Letter to G. W. Du Bois



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