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Concerning endowments and changes proposed - with reference, presumably, to Bexley Hall and Kenyon College.




letter, McIlvaine, Wharton, endowment, Kenyon College, Bexley


Brookline, Dec. 17, 1864

My dear Bishop,

I send you a copy of the Charter + Constitution of the [Cambridge] [?] School. It was carefully drawn, so as to ensure a board, which, from its permanent + close character, would be a fit [?] for trust [?] of this class.

I think that all the living [constituates] to the endowments of families [around] [?] is an earnest application to convention & legislative for each a change as for [even] speaking of; putting this as the [?] that experiences [?] that it is not wise to [plea] lay endowments as trustees believe to constant [?], such as Chase elected by conventions. I think of [?] also [?], who told me that he [around] [sect] has [contributed] to G. had he become the precarious [foundations] on which the [trust] rested. I don’t believe that any lay contributions [around] in [?] do so. And there comes the other reason; which may need be [?] stated, that evangelical endowment cannot be safely [permitted] against the changes of them by other any [?] they that of a close [?]

A sketch was taken in this direction the first year I was in Ohio (or the 2nd) by [?] the trustees to be divided in these classes, one class, only ([?] of the whole) giving out each year. This [?] the principles of the right to change, by consent of convention + trustees. This principle, which if I suppose the legislature acted on is the case I mention, around sustain such a change as that now proposed.

Sincerely yrs,

Francis Wharton

Letter to C.P. McIlvaine



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