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Won't think about presidency; if the president would use his full influence to grant justice to the blacks (especially N. black loyalties) God's blessing would follow




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Washington June 3, 1864

My dear Bishop,

Your note is just received. I am glad that everything is [?] to your [satisfaction] concerning your [wish to] [?]. May God make it very usefull.

My daughter has abandoned the idea of going unless her husband or I can go with her.

I allow myself no [thoughts?] concerning the Presidency; and have put the subject out of my mind [??] I wrote [this] letter [peculiar to Hill] as soon as possible. It would alarm [??] satisfy me if I thought that was any to [?] of such [?] as Mr. A + you [bother ??]. If I can only succeed in [?] I shall be happy + most thankful.

It is a [?] as [??] [you and] [??] so widely, and so [grand] a [?] in its [?]. If the President would only [?] the full weight of his influence with [?] of [justice[ to the black [?] the black [?] of the South I cannot but think ? God’s [?] would follow.

Your friend,

SP Chase

Rt. Rev. C.P. McIlvaine

Mr Chase

June 3. /64

Letter to C.P. McIlvaine



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