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Trip to England




letter, McIlvaine, Chase, England


Cinc July 1, 1862

My dear friend,

Thanks for your kind appreciation of my dear daughter. The letter I enclose to you, which you sent me. You will see what the writer wants. He has many in one of the Suffolk Bank, & he wants to know if you will use it for Govt. purposes there & give him money useable with East. Please look at it & let me know what to say. Miss William’s daughter of the Mr. Williams who keeps a boarding house in the Avenue where my son boards, writes me to ask that I will keep an application she wanted to ask to you for work in your Department. She was teaching in Alabama when the Rebellion broke out & came away. Her brothers health fails & she must seek employment to support both. She is an intelligent & accomplished lady & though asking me and, of the Parish “persuasion,” as they say, I want her application well.

What a [fuss] they make in England about [?] proclamation. You will here to send me back to teach them the properties & common sense. As Mr [?] asked me to drop in his hand what I should want to get known especially in Parliament I have written here what I suppose & leave in the proper reading. We are waiting anxiously for the result of the [?] fighting at Richmond. We shall be working after [?] [?] as soon as we get our cordial permits, after so long an absence.

Yours affectionately,

Charles P. McIlvaine

Letter to Chase, S. P. (?)



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