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Explains kissing a beautifully covered Bible because of his love for the Gospel - which it was. Cracroft case about to be closed in Ohio - but not sure in Illinois.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Cracroft, church


Cinc. Jan. 28/65

My dear Bishop,

Glad you have one servant. Sturges did satisfy me about Columbia. From his account, whether he went to Berca or not, he could not stay at Columbia, for an account of internal dissensions as I understand (they have given like trouble there before) it was resolved not to attempt to keep a Minister. Mr. Nicholas, who is the best man there, was of that mind. I think you should write Mr. [D?] to give him the 200. I do not remember what other points were on the paper which I enclosed you after the meeting of the [Miss.] Comm., but I thought there were more. I sent you Lewis’ letters. Freeman is expecting to go to Shelbyville, Ky. I have not seen him but his Loyalty is too shaky for Ohio as I hear. I mourn for Circleville & Lancaster & Norwalk & Milan & Monroeville, &c., &c. because Circleville has suffered much from several of the ministers it has had. I don’t know what I can do for them, but [extort] Mr. Clements says [Chareux] now at [Trenton], [?] of our Sem., would like to come back. I don’t know the Britain from [Ill] you speak of. The only man of such name that I know is my brother of Chillicothe. But be cautious of Illinois. I never saw that funny account of my [honors] in the Gr. Chapel in Paris as I never see the Ch. Journal. I dare say Dr Morgan put in flowing robes. But as I never mentioned the occasion to you, my [?] under such honors is evident. It was a very interesting & special sort of affair in itself. As to my kissing the Gospels, I do not remember it or rather did not, till Dr. Morgan’s mention of it caused me to search after it my memory & I caught an association which brought it up. The beautiful book was on a table. I forget what table in the sanctum sanctorium (for there was one besides the communion table, which literally was a table of wood) & to evince my love for the Gospels, in distinction from any Rule of Fault but the word, I kissed the gold-covered book, & would again, & think if they kiss a dirty covered Bible in all our Courts, in the lacking of an oath, I may kiss a beautiful Gospel in a beautiful Church. But I dare say Morgan’s account of all the kissing is funny enough. The Comm. in the [Cracroft] affair met on Monday. Mr. Andrews gives me his opinion that if they make us present [?] the case will not be so disposed of as to be a trial in Illinois, & yet there is nothing that demands a presentment. I will keep you informed. Whitehouse has sent additional papers on my notifying him that the case was to be layed [sic] before the Comm., but they make no additional charges, & are of no importance as evidence.

Yours affectionately,

C. P. M.

My foot seems to be well again.

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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