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Paper from Vestry of St. Paul's, Steubenville: copies Dr. Morse's reply to him. Morse indicates a small but vocal faction. Feels him duty to stay in parish. McIlvaine feels too delicate to meddle in.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Morse, church


Cinc. Jan. 9, 1865

My dear Bishop

Yours enclosing [Dumma’s] letter has not been acknowledged I believe. It is now nearly five years since Dumma was admitted a Candidate. How long he was a candidate I have no record, before he withdrew his name on account of health. He was transferred from Michigan. _ how long a candidate there I do not know. AT least three years, he has been not a candidate. It is out of the question that he should have his previous time allowed him.

Mr. Bowler’s donation is grand, _ very much to his praise.

I enclose the papers you left with me in the case of Mackay - I have found in copy of the charges away then _ therefore can form no judgment of the case. I leave it to you.

I recd from the vestry of St. Paul’s Steubenville a paper [?] by their studiously [??], which I sent with a kind letter to D. [Morse]. His answer I have copy.

I have long known that there was a faction in this parish opposed to myself _ my ministry; but had not dreamed of their making a formal communication to yourself in the nature of a complaint in the p[?]. Yet when I remember that only two fo the parsons who [?] the document are communicated to [???] number it I may so speak, elected themselves as [?] at the last Easter meeting; + that the parsons saying himself I [?] Warden ordered the Sexton to lock the vestry door against the meetings of our [Bit. Class] (would I required it to be opened by [?] are appeal to yourself; remembering (I say) these things nothing which such persons can do need surprsie me. In fact this individual said to the Rev. Mr. Lee on the above occasion ‘We do not know you Sir’ i.e. Did not know him as my Assistant! It was this c[?]lance which induced Mr. Lee to leave the Parish.

“I remember these facts by way of making you acquainted with some of the trials which I have suffered. Others might be spoken of, but at present I forbear; I will only say it is a safe _ good rule before working up our opinion in any matter - ‘Audi alteram partem’

Did I think that a majority of the congregation of St. Pauls [??] me to resign the Rectorship, I would do so immediately. But such is not my belief. I at present deem it a duty to continue in my present position.”

A dead lock - I see nothing to be done by me. IT is too delicate a matter to put our hands into - As now situated. What do you think?

I will thank you to send me a list of acts done since I went to Europe i.e. - candidates Admitted, when, from where Letters Dismissing - accepted ^ for when ^ where + whence do give to whom, when? + whether

You need not send the Letter’s recd ordinations, &c.,

Yours affectionately


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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