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Question of appointing Goodwin within the college




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Kenyon


Cinc. Aug. 12. 1862


Dear Bishop,

Yours of the 8th enclosing Dr. Goodwin’s answer has just come. I had a brief note from him yesterday, referring [much] his letter to you. I see no reason to hope. It seems to me that his answer is intended to be final. I am sorry, but I don’t think we should wait any longer there to give you an opportunity if you desire of seeing him. If he waits to consult his Phil[adelphia] friends, of course, he will be only confirmed in his decision. They will all say you must not go.

I have been obtaining information concerning Dr. [Latthorp], all of which is favorable. In regard to his administrative power, the opinions are less favorable than as to other points. But they are not unfavorable as to that. I am still corresponding about him. But you must try to hear of someone else. How would Bancroft do for President?

I did not hear of Mr. [?] till I saw it in the W. Episcopalian. He is very good. But if you had asked him to give it he would have declined. He is one of those to whom such a thing must come apparently to them out of themselves. The more they are asked the [less] they [want].

I have a long letter from Wharton, which I enclose. I ask you to return. I have so lost the [?] of things at Gambier as not to know what is best to be done. One thing however I am persuaded of [?] that it would not be well to place [?] a chair in the Seminary. His teaching ability seems to be not much extended. I should like your thoughts about the case. He is [?] to think of a successor to Dr. [?]. He is getting to [?] & aged for his dispatchment & is evidenced as having [failed] way [?] during the last year. There will be great difficulty in finding a successor for him. What would you think of Clements for the place if his health be sufficient, which I suppose is not the case. He is a mere thought of the moment. I fear we shall lose many students by exhibitment & draft in all departments & probably some of the clergy of the Diocose as I believe clergymen are not exempt. We have no [?] [Militant] Law, as N.Y. has, & hence are entirely to be governed in details by the Sec. at War. The [?] of Christ Ch. have appointed a Committee about a Rector, which has done or is doing something, but it seems to be a secret what.

Yours Affectionately, Charles P. McIlvaine

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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