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Subject: missionary comm, French




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, French


Cinc. July 10/62

My dear Bp.,

I enclose a communication from French about his Ch &c. What can be done?

I wish you would let me know what is the distribution of the appropriation of the Ga,. Miss. Soc. to Ohio for the year. I think of moving that for Columbus - to Fairchild at Hudson. He deserves & needs it. Maltby has talked with me about his scheme & I have told him he cannot expect any assistance from Missy. funds. I think they will call Cox to St. Paul’s. He is about as good a High Churchman as they can get, & to prevent a worse

[page missing?]

I advise it. Dyer writes very favorable of [H?] & Eccleston for St. Johns or Christ Ch. I wish you would send me your impressions as soon as you can get the promises of an opinion. I have recd yours about Turner. I cannot review your decision. For me to examine him away from all the circumstances of the Semy. examinations, & from a judgment [?] on his answers to questions, as to whether he should be ordained would not only look like a review of you, but would furnish poor ground of a judgement. It is a pity he was let to go on so long. The Semy. Professors are so backward to take any responsibility in such cases, till the last, when it is so hard to refuse ordinations, that they must not be trusted. Turner’s case must stand as it is - [see] about a Prof. of Eccl. [Trust].

A meeting is needed of the Miss. Committee to make appointments &c. As I have been so long away, I do not feel competent to guide it without you? What thoughts have you about it?

You forgot the parcel at Judge [Hurd’s], which I brought from [Loud]. It is there yet.

Yours affectionately,

C. P. McIlvaine

I will be content if you will save paper by writing on both sides of your thick paper.

Letter to Bishop Bedell



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