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Letter, Heathcote, McIlvaine


Hursely Park

Jan. 24 1862

My dear Bishop,

Many thanks for your letter-- I have been much engaged, or I would not have [?] my answer even for a day.

Pray believe that [you] [are] [?] more than I do, that this [?] has passed away, whose [?] hung over our two countries. When you were [?] and I [?] too that the search for writers and leaders of the class to which you allude have not had their own way; but I must confess, if you will let me speak frankly, that Mr. Lewis ‘5 dispatched lead one to one of this inferences. M[?] either that such people have an influence beyond what you attribute to them, + are to be conciliated by the [?] this of principles, to the [?] of clarions, which your [?] [?] know to be something found in stories; or/which would be a more when + alarming alternatives that our [?] is really in earnest-- in those dispatches, + they believe in those principles + claims; in which case I cannot but tremble for the future peace of the world.

Letter from Dr. William Heathcote to C.P. McIlvaine



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