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Trip to England.




letter, McIlvaine, Chase, England


Bp. McIlvaine,

Sunday, London Jan. 28 1862

My dear friend,

Thank you for a good, long letter-- begun Dec. 17-- and entertained and ended two weeks later (not the worse for that). [?] gave me the evidences of how early before the first [?] the [?] affair was heard of at home, your [?] had taken the news of it, which men afterwards acted [?] and I have not failed to use it, in answer to the sides which one hears so often here, that had it not been for the prospect of the war, and a [?] of a country [?], the captain would not have been delivered up. The [?] sound scared in [?] her (we Americans) by the French Empire’s speech, so different as it was [?] from what was expected and after that our fort was to be [?] by [?] [?], who returned from Paris later, Dr. M[?] and I believe Thomsend, says he was informed by the two former that “Better information” had changed the Emperor’s mind for the forecast. I suppose information as to the stone part of the blockade. I rather think it was a [?] of our Gov’t-- a supplicant of which, precisely as they feel in regard to all [?] found the Emperor’s words, lead them to interpose any words of Dr. Sewards in that most unfortunate sense they can properly be made to bear. I will say a little as to the [?] of this surprisingly [?] [?] feeds me. Not to go back away further than Dr. D’s [?] conversations with the Duke of New Castle. I have heard that everywhere. It was ([?] supposes) the staple of the talk-- “What are we to make stand where Dr. D would say so and so?” How sick I am of the question. Dr. [?] the Dark’s account of what another had a very great deal to do with the strong idea, living for a long time, that the Great affair was an intended insult on my part and with the hearty breathing up of the [?] be ready for [?]. And now it is known here that Mr. J denies the whole thing away. There is not a word of truth in it-- that he knew not the [?] but [?] and the only one going for the [?] [?] to the Nature. Mr. Remy [?] with [?] today of a long letter from Dr. Everett also who ever had previously rec’d one from Dr. Q then denying all. But the Duke is very pristine and particular. I know the version at least to where he told it-- and one of those heard it of [?] twice. I have heard nothing of the Duke since our last news is the [?] of B[?] force and who succeeded after Remy Jr.

I have just heard of the treason of the Rev. Dr. Wilmer whose 20 trusts and whose person ever searched in his way to be and found it certain so much [?] and I saw the boxes, or trunks, at Barnam the day [?] I went last to walk and he was there and talked a considerate sort of [?] so that we [?]. I am sorry he was not dealt with at least as squarely as any [?] would have been. He abused and intended to abuse the confidence placed in a clergyman and my dict[?] is that such ever should have a “benefit of clergy.”

Letter from C.P. McIlvaine to S.P. Chase



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