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Discussion of pastoral Bible classes at college




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell


Cinc. Jan. 10 1863.

Dear Bp,

Yours of the 7th received last Eve accord comes, as the hope of House diminishes. What shall we do if he declares. Sorry for your cold, but hope it has passed. The nonsense at Newark! What do they think clergymen are? Tools, conveniences, [?] when [?] choose to treat them as they please? Mitchell wrote me & I said no, there was no reason to think of it, & he declined. If there was anything peculiar in the understanding with Mr. McElrea, except his sub deacon ordination, please refresh my memory with it. Don’t forget to write me about [Doom] as soon as you can. The following candidates were admitted between Dec 2./61 & Feb. 24/62 [?] Cox, Hatley, Chapin, [Simpson], Mitchell, Gilbert, [?], Brown. I mention them only to ask if they have received their [tasks] for sermons. If so, all right.

I’m glad Leavitt is doing well. I will not mention you [if] [?] ask.

Allow me to suggest that in Pastoral Instruction to the Sem. Class of the Seminary, you will be particular to teach them on such heed as Preparation for Confederation, how to profess a class, what should be required, & how to deal with applicants to be received to Communion, supposing that having been confirmed they have since lived as if they had not been or not having been, deserve to communion before the Bp. next [?]. The qualifications for adult [?] [?] then & [?] in Infant Bap, how far [strangely] to be required & of what sort.

Discipline of Communicants. canons & [rubric] affectin it, when for what, how, [?] what should be done first.

D. D Church + Bible Classes - Setting people to work - Pastoral [?] Personal example - convention, caution against too much intimacy + familiarity especially with young ladies. Personal habit [Employs 10] of time, for study &c. Habit of writing - as well as extempore speaking. Forgive, temper, patience kindness, Maintaining one, proper prerogatives, but saying as little about them as possible. How to visit the sick. Carefulness in [wrong? strong?] emotion, [depths?].

These are [hearts], all of which very likely enter into your lectures, but I thought I would put them down as no harm would come of it. I would suppose the REctor in his Penn. STudy, Family + Parish preparing to preach, + Preaching, Vestry the well + sick, at [?], at [?] & the Lord’s Supper, his relations to a Parish, the Diocese, the Bp. + the more you can enter not [?] the better. Trials are an important subject.

Yours very affly


Letter to Bishop Bedell



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