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Regrets missing his call. It is time that Bishop of Salisbury refused permission to preach? As for me, I carry no papers at all.


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letter, McIlvaine, Potter


Addington Dec. 8, 1858

My dear Bishop—

I was sorry to miss your kind visit + that of Mr. Potter -- as was my daughter. We returned from Cambridge yesterday + found your card, + lest you should be leaving for France very soon, we would have gone at once to see you, but were under promise to come here + spend some time with the Archbp., + had only time to get ready. I hope I should be able to find you before you leave for France, as I shall by tod[ay]. Is it properly true, what I have heard, that the Bp. of Salisbury has refused permission for you to preach in his diocese, because while you had your consecration paper, you had not those of your ordination[?] I heard it was so yesterday at the [?] of the [?] Prof. of Div. Dr. Jeremy from a clergyman. Can such an absurd inequity be true. As for me, I carry no paper, + were a Bp. here to ask me for any, I would bid him good bye, + as I said yesterday at the Archbp’s letter + in hearing of all, that we regard the requirement of asking [?] only as a formality, + that if it were any thing more it would be very offensive.

Please let me hear from you + with my affectionate regards to Mr. Potter, believe me

Your affectionate brother

Chas. P. McIlvaine.

112 New Bond [?] St.

Letter to Potter



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