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Thanks the Bishop for his support and makes reference to his (Rochester) recent appointment. Also a visit by the Bishop McIlvaine is planned.




letter, Rochester, McIlvaine


Danbury, Chelmsford

June 18, 1860

My dear friend and Brother,

I can not [cordially] echo your very kind manner of address, and repeat the prayer, with the knees of my heart bent down to His earth, which you kindly prefer for me & the humility wherewith I have been [entrusted] [may] He [spare you] & [wish] you with grace and [fulfil] in you all that [?] [?] that Paul sought to [those] whom he loved, [?] [?].

I have been much perplexed by the [presence] of work & the [?] of [?] which my kind [?], [?] left behind him through my continual illness. He [worn] deed a sufferer & the [same] I have seen his now widow go through &c. unless we of what mine hearth look to and how [?] these indulgences are with which we [?] bishops are evaluated. The [discipline] is [most] wholesome. May it please God to enable me to [profit] by it. Had that my appointment marks the [commencement] of the evening work of life and that the [aught] [hardens a apace]. It would indeed be work gratifying as an [?] in its [?] if I might be permitted to see you are more & to love you & save of you with [our] dear friends the [Casus] & under every roof. Such things may yet be and a night say of grace, a [?] of the play [?] is to [cause], cheer up our fading though.

But, I do not write this with any feeling of heaviness or [depression]. I began in this [?] under a sense of [sport] that I had been [bid] to delay a [?] to your kind [epistle] [so] lay, & with a desire to them that I had [reluctantly] [omitted] my answer. Let me beg that if you do cross the Atlantic again, I shall have early notice of your crossing.

Praying [kindest upon & to] your daughter & assure her & [every] [others] of your family of the [welcome] they will [have] from your very sincere friend,

J. C. Rochester

To the very New

The Bishop of Ohio

Letter to C.P. McIlvaine



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