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Replies to 62-07-17 about Dr. Goodwin, and restating Mr. Wharton. Other matters.




letter, McIlvaine, Bedell, Goodwin, Wharton


[?] Aug. 27 / 62

My dear Bishop

I have two letters of yours to answer, which came yesterday and today. I begin with the former-- in regard to Dr. Goodwin whether [?] be the truth as to his bearing on the [?]. I think a fraction of so little work and so good as [?] come from it in Philadelphia in an unpromising preparation for our Presidency-- so that I should be afraid of indicating to accept it even if that were possible by force of persuasion. I should fear the disappointment and the looking at things past and [?] [?] others words that he would not be satisfied and would not bring much heart and energy to the place.

On the whole my idea is that we have gone far enough in that direction-- should he heartily and spontaneously accept. I should be glad not [?].

Dr. [Lathrop]’s age I do not know, but nothing has been done in that direction but [?] [?] and I have no reason to suppose that he knows anything about it. I think well of the idea of [?]. I like to take hold of a young man old enough to have god experience and direction and young enough to have life and vigor and enterprise and [?] as well with regard to himself and his college. Go on with that idea--

Do you really suppose George [?] would do to succeed Dr. [?]? I differ entirely. He lacks the theological. He has always been considered by those who know him before he began his candidateship as lacking strength of character. But he is too young in years, as the ministry, in standing. The idea would be very much [?] at where he was known in [?] before he went [?].

I think the [?] of Dr. [?] might be brought about by kind representatives [?] [?] [?].

I cannot now enter into the question of arrangements to [?] Dr. Whatman except to say that I hope we can and shall return him. But let nothing be done to make my retention of Chapman uncertain. I have a great sense of his value-- a graduate of the college so attuned in [?], or [?] to [?] in them. So fond of the College, so zealous to advance the young man [?] likely himself to grow a great deal. So popular with his pupil and successful and having so much of life probably [?] to use in the [?].

About Christ Ch. I did open my [?] find fully to Ede. Anderson [?] River. Bishop and [?]. separately, about [?] They know precisely how I should feel if he was called, and get it was after that, that [?] and [?] called to talk with me about their hearing [?] to call Grammar, and told me that it was ascertained that should he decline D. would be even--


--tually called for [?] to Bishop who had [?] opposed the thing had said he would not stand out against the vote. I then explained past [?] regret and pause and I suppose it was that which made Probate say what he did to you, for I was led to suppose the vote would be unanimous, if Grammar should decline. Even [?] [?] talk as if he had become very tolerant for Church differences and quite nearly to take such as Schuyler that Church is in a [?] state and will go to pieces if a good man is not got soon. It is now shut up entirely.

Show for the second letter that rec’d today.

I am truly glad of the acceptance of Bancroft. I am much pleased with his letter-- he should take the whole [?]. I will write to Dr. Wing. But no public mention should be made of it till we have his reception, his feelings must be [?].

You have my full authorization of what you have done in his appointment. My idea was not that should take the half [?] but the whole as D. W. has had, and write with it the Rectorship, or some other teaching duty, as I question whether Eccl. [?] is enough for my whole [?]. We [?] still pay Dr. Wing as Agent, which takes a large part of the support that he has had, and little is left from the quaker for the [?]. The idea you know was that in case the new [?] should depend on that office alone for support some extra [?] should be attained, and you thought they would do that in N.Y.

Had we not better call the trustees to meet in Columbus at the time of the [?] Committee or the day after?

Your idea of lectures from me is too new to see to have [?] to do any thing about it [?] [?], especially I am not prepared to authorize any practice [?] of promise to that effect.

Dr. [?] late of Dr. [?] is I believe going to Dr. [?] Columbus. Perhaps they count on the ships stipend which has been given [?]. [?] see to the [?] of that by the ship. [?] by Clarake of Portmouth writes that [?] consequence of feeble support he thinks of our [?] [?].

You asked me to write you when Paul should apply for a letter of transfer. I have his application today. He is engaged in [?] work in [?] with Christ Ch. [?] Phil.

He says the emmended cause of his relinquishing his work here was the difficulty in getting the promise of pecuniary support fulfilled , and coupled with that he says that before he went to it and got the impression from your correspondence that the [?] 7 Board as he calls the Committee appointed the whole responsibility of the salary [?]. I gave him a letter. I will want to hear from you.


I think I will call the Trustees to meet at the time of the [?] Committee, and I [?] think it would not be well to make any public mention of Bancroft until that meeting shall have acted on it and on his salary.

I am better today, but shall walk halting and I am getting back my vice which debility has candidly [?] with. I’m glad you stood the summer so well. Dr. Will had you use the extract in the Christian [?] of last week from an article in the London record speaking of Archbp. Hughes, Dr. Will and myself. [?] as it is the only English notice of our work and is complementary to read and [?] and me feels desirous that his congregation should know how his work in so delicate a [?] was extended abroad. I should be glad if you could get so much of that as [?] to [?] and use [?] into a [?] paper, the Times or the World.

If it is done, it should be credited not to “the Record,” which will not be intelligible, but to the London Record.

Affectionate remembrances to Dr. B--

Yours affectionately

Charles P. McIlvaine.

How would Morrell of [?] do for St. [?]

Letter from C.P. McIlvaine to Bishop Bedell



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