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Strong Letterbook no.90


KMcI 581206




letter, Waldgrove, McIlvaine


4 Harley W.

Dec. 6. 1858

My dear Bishop,

We are sorry to say [?] Wednesday will not suit. The Palmers are engaged and I am pledged to visit my dear father-in-law in Hersforshire on Monday, not returning till the follows morning.

Were we to propose your dinning in Portland place on Friday the 17th.

Matton Rectory War March 10/3

My dear in[?]

I shall have great pleasure in ucommundriy[?] form strict where I have influence and indue have gone no I hope not without effect. A list of curriculum[?] already would aid.

Abel [?] [?] M P [?] Berhiley square in my patron and well disbored to dugood, but my former official seluation[?] made it necessary for me not to buy my foreign objects before him. You can send your paper to him.

My out god hum[?]elf [?] your efforts more affly joe and Buheutette

[?] we [?] [?] you here

At ¼ past 7 should we be more successful.? That is, I am sorry [?], the only day which is [?] command - as duty in Nelshire will take me away from Sal[?] [?] the following thursday.

Ever, my dear Bishop,

Very fall fall [?]

Saint Waldepar

Perhaps, [?] time, you will kindly [?] your [?] [?] sister

The Lady Laura Palmer

B P[?] [?]

Letter to C.P. McIlvaine



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